Journal dating

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Today’s dating world is more complicated than ever.

With this journal you can keep notes on those memorable moments as well as what works and what doesn’t.

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Finally, it means that the wounded inner child must be kept in check. Sharing similar values about such issues as money, monogamy, and parenting is important when determining if someone is a good potential match.

In other words, love your inner child, but don’t give him or her the keys to the car. More people divorce over money than anything else, so we must be able to talk openly about our financial goals and habits.

One partner should not believe in monogamy while the other hopes to entertain side flings.

Make a decision to stay involved if things are going well most of the time. It is also important to have “ease” in a relationship—while at the same time, understanding that no relationship is perfect or easy all the time. Love avoidants want to run for the hills, while others might overreact and start a big fight. A sense of reciprocity, or “give and take,” is critical to a healthy relationship.

Make the decision that you will leave if there is any sign of abuse. Compatibility comes from both sharing similar traits and from having tolerance and patience (see number 10) for your partner’s differences. I used to look for romance alone, and it never worked out long-term. We should look for someone who will stick around and discuss what’s wrong, and then is willing to work as a team to come up with a plan to fix it. We must be willing to make sacrifices now and then.

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